Kyle Hutchin
Business Development Manager

Franklin Shanks The Tenant Advisor - Kyle Hutchin

My experience has exposed me to clients spanning more than a dozen industries over 10 years, and I’ve always prided myself on a client first, solutions-focused approach to relationships.  Having helped clients with a variety of needs across a range of roles, departments, and industries, my goal and genuine passion is to understand your business model first and foremost.  As a tenant representative, my ultimate aim is always to be viewed by you as a trusted partner in growing your business.
In my spare time, I try to avoid getting injured on the rugby pitch, where I once poorly played front row for my business school's team against fellow weekend warriors.  A fan of picking up heavy objects only to put them down again, I'm training for my first Australian powerlifting meet.   I grew up exploring the great outdoors, where I've caught many of the largest fish ever to get away.
Outside of work, I'm married to my better two-thirds and the owner of a headstrong rescue mutt I shipped over from the USA.  A fan of all things spicy, I've never met a steak I didn't like or a diet that I did.

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