Scott Berriman
Associate Director

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After 22 years in commercial agency, having developed and fostered close bonds and healthy relationships with occupiers, landlords and agents across the multiple markets, I have moved across to the ‘buy side’ as a trusted advisor and representative to our clients, office occupiers.

Having been involved in over 700 leasing transactions ranging in size from 100-10,000+sqm, I have experienced every way to develop deals across the peaks and valleys of market conditions providing advice on acquisitions, disposals, consolidations and renewals to a variety of industry sector groups, from start-up to established multi-nationals.

Being not only technical I am also a strong listener, with a strength to really understand the unique drivers and needs of my clients and to guide them throughout the process of search and select through to the design and construction of the ideal workplace with the assistance of our industry partners.

I am a father of two beautiful kids, an open book and sometimes an over sharer. Some would say I’m fanatical about Formula One with an overall passion for all things motorsport. I swing between a health nut and over indulgence with always a positive and optimistic attitude to all aspects of my life.


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