James Shanks B.Sc. (Hons) MRICS
Managing Director

After working in corporate real estate for over 20 years across the US, UK and Asia and now as an independent tenant advisor and tenant representative, I am still passionate about the service we provide and the clients we serve.

As a Chartered Surveyor I understand the need to balance rigour and auditable process along with the art required in our industry to take a boardroom concept to a fully functioning enviable workplace.

I have been lucky enough to work with commercial real estate professionals in some of the worlds leading tech firms which, through strong relationships and a collaborative approach has enabled Franklin Shanks to redefine lease flexibility and the concept of a lessor as a partner as opposed to a road block

Iā€™m currently leading the growing team building on the strength of the Australian office to support our many clients that have expanded into the region.

Outside of work I am a keen albeit inexperienced sailor and a passionate fan of F1 and horse racing.

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